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Unpainted Crankbaits



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Some times bad lures or slight defective lures get shipped that I do not catch, I stand behind the lures I sell and will try and make it right with lures that are not up to par, please send me a email if you end up with any.
Also please note orders go out everyday by 9 am so if you order after 9 am it will not go out until the next day even overnight orders.

 Blank Stencils,
You get  a left and right side to design your own pattern.
Once you have your design it will save you countless hours of painting specific patterns.
You just need to draw out your pattern with a marker and then cut it out with a xacto knife, dremel tool or drill bit and sand the edges smooth.

Tips: use a plastic bag over top of the stencil and draw patterns until you find what you like then you can mark it out on the stencil.

   If you need something not listed please ask.




Coming soon


Tips :
If you spend less then 1 min. and scuff the seems on the lures with 320 grit sand paper it cleans the seems up very nice, even 30 seconds can do wonders. I use 3M brand contour sanding sponge.

  New In Stock  ( SKO )
  Rattling square bill ( S ) ko
     Weight: 15 Grams
     Depth:  3-5'
      Length:  2.5"
     Hooks: #4 or # 6
     Eye size: 6mm


Please note, I  offer insurance you can purchase for your packages, if you do not purchase the insurance please do not file a paypal claim if your package is lost or damaged.  $6.00 priority shipping does cover up to $50 of insurance  so no need for insurance if your product purchase is $50 or less when paying for priority.
If you are paying the $3 shipping then if you want insurance you will need to add that to the cart.
When paying the $6.00 priority shipping  and wanting additional insurance only pay for the additional insurance over the first $50
International shipping is $28 for up to 60 lures per package, if you get charged more for shipping I will refund the balance.

Insurance for your packages


       Wake bait                      
     Has a Circuit Board lip
     Weight: 14. Grams
     Depth:  just under the surface 
     Length:  2.5"
     Hooks: #4
     Eye size: 6mm
     In Stock
Wake Bait


  Live Target Gizzard Shad
New mold built using a Live Target Gizzard Shad

     Weight: 9.6 Grams
     Depth:  5-7'
     Length:  2 3/4"
     Hooks: #4
     Eye size: 6mm
     In Stock


              IN Stock
Mold Built using a spro  Little John MD
 This lure has a Tungsten ball in the weight transfer chamber
     Rattle sound : one knocker
     Weight: 10.2 Grams
     Depth:  7-9' Floating
     Length:  2 1/16"
     Hooks: #6 or #4
     Eye size: 6mm ( need to be cut )
              IN Stock

     Floating Spro
This spro is a rattling spro  but does not have the weight transfer ball
It has 4pcs of 3mm rattling tungsten balls in them.
Weight 10.6 Grams
floating Spro

 IN Stock

Length : 2 1/4"
Dives: 2-3'
Weight: 8.6 Grams
Takes: Pop Max eyes
Hooks: #6
In Stock


                      1.5 square bills   
           In stock
1.5 Rattling 
1.5 DRS ( deep rattle sound )
1.5 Sillent
1.5 Holographic ( Rattling )
1.5  Holographic ( Silent )
1.5 Transparent hologhrapic
1.5 Light rattle ( rattles are not as loud as rattling )

1.5 Dives 2-3'
Length: 2 3/8"  
Weight: 10 grams
4.5mm Eyes ( 1.5 DD takes 6mm eyes )
Hook size # 4 or # 6
1.5 square bill

  1.5 DD (med. Diver) and is not a square bill)
        from a 1.5DD
1.5DD Clear Med. Diver  ( DRS ) is a one big ball rattle.
1.5DD Clear Med. Diver  Rattling in stock

Length: 2 3/8"  
Weight: 12 grams
 ( 1.5 DD takes 6mm eyes )
Hook size # 4 or # 6
dives 8-10' 
1.5 DD ( med Diver )

    from a LC CBD20

              IN STOCK 
Body size, 3"
Dives to: 20'+
Weight 21g
Eyes 6mm
Hooks # 2
Lure has Tungsten ball in the weight transfer chamber
Dives 20-25'
CB D-20

                       2.5 square bill


                            In stock
   Option # 1 : 2.5 square bill  ( Rattling )
   Option # 2 : 2.5 square bill  ( Silent )
   Option # 3 : 2.5 Square bill  ( DRS )
   Option # 4 : 2.5 Square bill  ( Rattling Holographic )
   Option # 5 : 2.5 Square bill  ( Silent Holographic )

                           The OLD STOCK
   1 ball and 2 ball means they have 1 or 2  rattle balls in them,
    DRS means   Deep Rattle Sound.
    Semi Silent is no rattle balls and as quiet as you can get this lure.

   Option # 6 :  Square bill  ( 1 ball )
   Option # 7 :  Square bill  (  2 ball )
   Option # 8 :  Square Bill  ( semi silent )

                    2.5 Dives 3-4'
                       Length: 2 3/4"  
                       Weight:  15 grams
                        6mm Eyes
                       Hook size # 4
2.5 square bill

2.5 square bill  ( practice paint lures )
These are nice to practice on or paint up and use for key chains and samples.
If you purchase these you must pay the PRIORITY SHIPPING. please do not make this a hassle for me by not paying the extra, if you do not pay the extra you will be refunded on your complete order.
2.5 practice paint


                       Wiggle Wart 
                                        In stock
( 6 options In stock )
              NEW in stock is the  holographic types 

Rattling Holographic ( same paper as the rest of the holographic lures )
Rattling Transparent Holographic ( Prism )
Rattle (Has 3rd Lead Rattle ball  so 2 balls rattle)
DRS ( Has 2 lead balls, one does rattle)
( no Rattle sound )
Suspending ( slow rise or suspending ) with rattles
Suspending has 2 tungsten balls in it for the needed extra weight and does rattle.

            Copy of the original Pre Rapala
 I had the mold built using a Pre Rapala 
 It is identical looking to the original Wiggle Wart, same size  even down to the molded 3-D eye.
The lure floats and has great action.
Size: 2"
Weight: 7.5grams
Suspending  9.8grams
Eyes: No ( you paint them on )
Hooks: #4 or #6 or combo of both.
 Dives 8-10'
Sorry but due to price increase I no longer have any quantity discount
Wiggle Wart


           Similar to a Megabass X80


                    In stock
                      Length: 3 1/4"  
                     Weight: 8 grams
                        4mm Eyes
                     Hook size # 6
          Dives 3-4' 


     New In Stock, 110 Transparent Holo
                       110 and 110+1

     New In Stock, 110 Transparent Holo
   In stock

Similar to the megabass vision 110 and 110+1
picture from left to right,
110+1 transparent Holo,
110+1 clear
110 clear 
110 Holographic.
110 Transparent Holo (not pictured ) but is same color as all my transparent colors

This lure is very temperamental, I included a page above that gives helpful tips on making this lure suspend.

Floating / Slow Rise ( Weight is about 11.300 grams )
Now is stock, same as  the New 110 but lighter.

Slow Sinking lure

 These will suspend or slow sink with the nose down so put the lightest lure coat and lightest hooks and split rings that you can, the heavier the hooks and lure coat the faster it will sink.

New 110 ( weight is about 11.500 grams )
This is a new weight system and is more consistent in weight, it is designed to suit devcon top coat and Dick Nite top coat with KVD # 6 hooks or similar weight hooks, the split rings can off set the weight that is needed by using 5mm or 6mm
If you use a different type of moisture cure top coat then you might need to use 2-3 coats.
Check the top of the page for helpful hints on getting them to suspend.

110 Holographic/Transparent Holo (Weight is about 11.700 grams )
This is the new weight system with holographic.

110+1 Now in stock  (Weight is about 11.500 grams )
The new 110+1 is weighted like the new 110 and the 110+1 comes in clear and in transparent holographic, 
Length is the same as the 110, it has a longer lip.
The lure can slow rise, suspend or slow sink depending on the weight you add to it.
Length: 4 1/4"  ( 110.5 mm )
Weight: 11.6 grams
4.5mm Eyes( 4mm will work also )
Split rings 5mm or 6mm
Hook size  # 4 or # 6 
110 Dives 3-5'
110+1 Dives 5-7'


I have painted 110 lures on the custom painted pg.



Dives to 6' 
Similar to a DT-6

          In stock

Length: 2"
Weight" 12 grams
4.5mm Eyes
Hook size # 6
This lure is a one knocker.
And is sweet.
Dives to 6'

Dives to 3' 

            This is a DT-6 body with a DT-4 style bill  making it dive  about 3'
      Rattle sound : One knocker
      Weight: 12. Grams
      Depth:   2-3'
      Length:  2"
      Hooks: #6
       Eye size: 4.5mm
DT 3

  Dives to 10'
Similar to a DT-10

  In stock

Length: 2 3/8
Weight:15 grams
4.5mm Eyes
Hook size # 4
Dives to 10'

Dives to 16'
Similar to a DT-16

    ( 2 options )           
  In Stock
Length: 2 3/4"  
Weight:  grams
6 mm Eyes
Hook size # 4
Dives to 16'
DT- 10/16
It is a DT-16 bill on a DT-10 body so it will
dive to 16'
but has the smaller body profile of the Dt-10
Length: 2 3/8"  
Weight: 15 grams
4.5mm Eyes
Hook size # 4
Clear popper

Sorry, lures came in
and are bone white, not clear.
No slots
Now offered with a Higher quality plastic.
Length: 2 3/4"
Weight: 10 grams
4.5mm eyes
Hook size # 6
Split ring size 5mm

Clear Popper ( white )

Dying Minnow
Similar to a Megabass XJ 100

  out of stock

Length: 4"  
Weight: 13 grams
4.5mm eyes
Hook size # 4 or # 6
Split ring size 5mm
Tail is detached for painting.

Lure can be swam at surface or any depth
you want it to.
Or jerk it to look like a dying minnow.
Sink it then crank it, jerk it, many options in
this lures action.
Sinks tail down.
When jerked it will roll and do other stuff.
You probably will never find another lure that will look
and act as real as this
one does.

4" Jerk bait
Similar to a LC100


            In Stock


Length : 4"
 Slow Rise 
weight 14.4-14.6 grams
Takes 6mm eyes
Hook size #6, # 4,# 2 
Jerk Bait


Anthrax ( Similar to a megabass Anthrax )
Size:3 1/4"
Weight: 9 grams
Eye size: 4.5mm
Hook size # 6
In Stock
3 1/4" Ant

    130MM Jerk bait
Size: 130mm ( 5" )
Weight: 19.5 grams
Eye size: 6mm
Hooks #6 or #4
In Stock


            Flash Jerk bait
This lure has a holographic type insert that will change colors depending on the angle,  (Red, Blue, Green, Yellow.)
Weight:11.75 grams
Length: 3 3/4"
Hooks: #6 or #4
In Stock
Flash minnow

            Jigging Minnow
This can be used like a jigging spoon.
Size: 3"
Weight: 12.5 grams
Eye size: 4mm
Hook #6 or #4
In Stock

Jig minnow

Pop R ( type )
Length: 2 3/8"
Weight: 5.8 grams
Hooks : #6
Eyes: 4.5mm
In Stock

   ITO 95mm ( vision 110 type )
Size: 3 3/4"
Weight: 8.5 Grams 
Eyes: 4.5mm
Hooks: #6
In Stock

 IN Stock

100MM sammy
Length: 4"  ( 100mm )
Weight:13 grams
4.5mm eyes
Hook size # 4
Split ring size 6mm

Has Hole in mouth
 with open gill plate

Top water Popper
Similar to a Megabass Pop max

Has slots in Mouth, Gill and Throat
 ( 6 Total )
Length: 3 1/8"
Weight: 18 grams
Hook size # 4
Split ring size 6mm
Takes special 3-D eyes.

Please take extra care when
 clear coating around the gill slots
 in the mouth so you do not plug them.

Pop M

 Junior Popper
Similar to a Megabass Pop X

 Length: 2 5/8"
 Weight: 8 grams
  Hook size # 6
  Split ring size 5mm
  4.5mm eyes
This lure performs but the
mouth gill slots are crooked
so once the lures I have in stock are gone
this lure will be discontinued.
pop m JR.

Sinking Lipless
Similar to a Megabass Vibration

IN Stock
Length:  2 7/8"
Weight: 15 grams
4.5mm eyes
Lipless crankbait Sinking
Similar to a Megabass Griffin SR
In stock
Length:  2 3/8"
Weight: 1/2oz
6mm Eyes
Hook size # 6
Dives 2 to 3'

 Shallow runner
Similar to a Mann's baby 1-

     IN stock
Length:  2 1/4"
Weight: 5 grams
4mm eyes
Hook size # 6
Shallow Runner
Rapala type

Length: 2 3/4"
Weight: 8.5 grams
Eyes: 4mm
Hooks: #6

  In Stock


 Stainless Steel
5mm Split Rings
 In stock
5mm Split rings

 Stainless Steel
6mm Split Rings
6mm Split rings

 Stainless Steel
Oval Split Rings
     In Stock
oval Split rings
Treble Hooks
KVD Hooks
Mustads  Triple grip
Short shank triple grip hooks


Trokar 3/0 EWG hooks


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