Suspending 110 lure info

Here is some info to help you get the 110 jerk bait to suspend.

The 110 needs to weight about 13.900 grams once it has hooks on it and the water temp and the line you use can play with this as well.
 I can not explain this but different clear coats seems to do different things with the lure so you might find a different weight is needed, I have used different clears  and have had different results  it might be better to just make a slow rise or a slow sink, I have the painted 110 lures and by changing out 1 split ring from a 5mm to a 6mm will change it from slow rise to slow sink and if I had a split ring that was in between the weights then it would suspend.
You want the lure to weight about 12 grams after it has been painted and clear coated  without hooks and split rings, if using #6 KVD hooks and 5mm or 6mm split rings.

The best thing to do is have a scale so you can weight the hooks you use and weight the lure before installing the hooks to determine what weight hooks and split rings to use.
When clear coating with devcon epoxy, depending on how thick you put it on will depend on how much the lure will weight, I have tested about 50 lures and adding epoxy is not consistent, it adds about .665 grams to the lure and I have had some that weighed as much as .950 grams.
With the new weight 110 it was weighted to suit devcon  with about a .665 gram weight of clear coat, Dick Nite I found works well also if using a different moisture cure clear then it might take 2-3 coats ?

If you find something that works for you please share with me what works so I can post it here.
The Holographic weights more then the New 110 because of the paint and holographic paper so it will need a lighter clear coat or lighter hooks and split rings.

Here is some weights of different hooks to help you choose what you need.

KVD # 6 hooks weight about .465 grams
Mustad Triple grip # 6 ( BR ) # 6 weight about .384 grams
Mustad triple grip ( BLN ) # 6 weight about .545 grams
Owner stinger ST-36 BC  # 6 weight about .459 grams
Owner Stinger ST-41BC # 6 weight about.550 grams
VMC Barbarian # 6 weight about  .535 grams
My 6mm split rings weight .135 grams
My 5mm split rings weight .087 grams

 Floating / Slow Rise ( Weight is about 11.300 grams )
Now is stock, same as  the New 110 but lighter.

Slow Sinking lure
 These will suspend or slow sink with the nose down so put the lightest lure coat and lightest hooks and split rings that you can, the heavier the hooks and lure coat the faster it will sink.

New 110 ( weight is about 11.500 grams )
This is a new weight system and is more consistent in weight, it is designed to suit devcon top coat and Dick Nite top coat with KVD # 6 hooks or similar weight hooks, the split rings can off set the weight that is needed by using 5mm or 6mm
If you use a different type of moisture cure top coat then you might need to use 2-3 coats.
Check the top of the page for helpful hints on getting them to suspend.

110 Holographic/Transparent Holo (Weight is about 11.700 grams )
This is the new weight system with holographic.

110+1 Now in stock  (Weight is about 11.500 grams )
The new 110+1 is weighted like the new 110 and the 110+1 comes in clear and in transparent holographic, 
Length is the same as the 110, it has a longer lip.
The lure can slow rise, suspend or slow sink depending on the weight you add to it.

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