Custom painted lures

#1 Purple back,  green belly, turquoise blue head.


# 2 clown, Gold , red, Silver belly.

# 3 Purple back chartreuse stripe dark blue head, pearl white belly.

# 4 Brown Back, Gold head and gold fade along back, purple tail, Silver belly.

# 5 Fire tiger

 # 6   Black back, Gold head and highlight along top side, Blue highlights, silver belly

# 7 Transparent sexy shad, Black head blue back chartreuse stripe.

# 8 Holographic sexy shad, Purple back, blue head, chartreuse stripe , silver belly

# 9 Brown Back, Gold head, purple highlight on side, gold kill spot, silver belly.

# 10 Pearl white, Orange belly.

# 11 Black Back, Gold head and highlights, gold kill spot, silver belly 

All of these lures are for sale. ( but are not custom painted )

Pictured below, Osprey live 95mm $2 each ( shad pictured on the left are sold ) these are stock paints not custom painted

In stock # 86 ( it is not pictured but looks similar to the #22 but has  perch type bars instead of  lines like # 22 has )  4  pcs  left

                       Here is a list of guys custom painting lures for your reference

                           If you would like to be added please send me a banner or a  link to your website.

                                                         Hawg chow custom baits
                                                         Todds custom lures
                                                         Adams Custom Lures
                                                         Maslin custom lures

                                                         Bubonic customs

           Grant has a site he is developing ( in which there will be articles of all kinds, including painting your   own lures.

                                                         Michaels custom baits
                                                          Bird dog custom lures
                                                           Big bass Baits

                                                          sugar hill baits

                                                               Fulks Custom Cranks





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