Contact us

Jim Scharphorn

I return all emails usually within 12  hrs or less so if you did not hear from me check your spam box or call me.
If you forgot to add something to your order please just order again and if the package has not shipped I will combine the shipping and issue you a refund for the balance if there is one and there will be a $.30 transaction fee.

If your emailing about your tracking # please log into your paypal account and click on the details of the payment sent to me and you will see your tracking #

If you have the wrong address listed on your paypal account  you will need to contact your local post office and have your package rerouted.
I have had people tell me I used the wrong address, I do not have a option to choose a certain address if I did then I would not ship because I would not know what address to use, it is your responsibility to make sure your correct address is listed on the check out before you send the payment, I am only given one address.

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